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a cricket match essay

a cricket match essay

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Clothing labels need to be clearer when it comes to showing how a product is sustainable, as transparency continues to be a key driver of purchasing decisions, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Hannah Abdulla, Apparel Correspondent at GlobalData, says: “Sustainability is fast approaching a point where it is non-negotiable.

“Consumers are actively looking at clothing labels to see how the product has been made and whether it fits in line with their sustainability expectations. Data shows that the majority of consumers would pick a product that has been sustainably produced over one that hasn’t.”

Figures from GlobalData research suggest 37.3% of UK consumers agree that retailers that place greater emphasis on sustainability are more appealing, and that retailers ought to capitalise on changing attitudes as the shift towards ethical retail gains more momentum.

Abdulla concludes: “The COVID-19 pandemic has served to give even more focus to living and acting sustainably.

“Consumers will scrutinise the environmental actions of brands and retailers during the pandemic, and will use this as an opportunity to separate those companies that are truly committed to sustainability issues, from those that are merely greenwashing. Proactive brands and retailers will take this in their stride; being upfront with consumers about their sustainable actions and making that data clear and accessible.

“There’s a real opportunity here for brands and retailers to win consumer trust, and that will involve revolutionising how technical knowledge is translated into an understandable consumer language on websites, product tags and labels.

“Communicating with your customer in this way will increase the level of transparency and trust which in turn will drive sales.”

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Most of us are familiar with shopping at any online retailer, e.g., say Amazon. As with most online retailers, you visit its website, shop for items, place them in your cart, pay for them, and then Amazon ships them to you. Right now Amazon’s business model is ‘Shopping-then- Shipping’. During the shopping process, Amazon’s AI offers suggestions of items that it predicts consumers will want to buy. The AI does a reasonable job. As per neutral studies, ‘With millions of product offerings, Amazon gets individual predictions right 5 percent of the time’. That is very impressive considering the width of offerings.

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The 2-day price reveal period ahead of the sale saw items wishlisted 100 million times by customers primarily from categories such as T-shirts, tops and dresses. 2.6 lakh orders were placed by 2.3 lakh customers availing the early access facility during the sale preview. The VIP slots known as Gold Slots before the start of the sale, witnessed 3.8 lakh shoppers placing 4.1 lakh orders.

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US-based global size-inclusive lingerie brand, Parfait launched in India with distinctive designed lingerie to serve the full-busted woman with its expansive range of sizes. The brand is dedicated to helping customers find the perfect fit.Parfait’s collections focus on both core and plus size customers, including 30 to 44 band sizes, D to K cup sizes, and M-4XL bottoms, making the brand a natural fit for India’s growing plus-size market. Headquartered in Los Angles, United States the company serves women across 20 plus countries through its 700 stores and online stores Worldwide.

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One of the most important trends that has been registered in this segment in the last few years is the gradual shift to light weight winter wear. Consumers today exhibit a uniform propensity towards light weight and durable products that can be used as fashionable clothing product with high level of comfort. Today the winter wear market in India is driven by light weight products that can be layered instead of bulky winter wear products. According to experts, this shift has partly been influenced by shrinking of the ‘cold period’ in many parts of the country due to global warming.

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Men’s wear market in India has seen a constant surge and Indian men not just want to spend but splurge on apparel, the trend is growing further and buoyed by the trend many international brands and Indian designers have forayed in the men’s wear market.

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